About Us

gyrexh.com, A full-time operation is a professional mobile entertainment company you can trust for all your special event needs. We have entertained thousands at various events such as school dances, birthday parties, cotillions, & corporate events all over California. We use the best in Sound & Lighting to make your event memorable. We arrive early at every event to make sure all equipment is in working order. To make sure we cater to you and have a problem free event!

Upcoming Events:

  • 12.18.10- Voodoo Lounge DTSJ
  • 02.14-16.11- M.A.G.I.C Slate Las Vegas 
  • 02.16.11- Voodoo Lounge Farewell Party
  • 02.27.11- Pleasanton, Ca (Wedding)
  • 03.19.11- CA (Wedding)
  • 04.09.11- Wedding Fremont, Ca
  • 04.16.11- Private Event
  • 04.29.11- Private Party Alameda, Ca                          


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